Code Club: lesson four – a Christmas bonus

With Project one out of the way, but Christmas fast approaching, I choose instead to do an interim Christmas themed project, handily provided by Code Club. However, this project was aimed at Level 2 students, so after asking permission from the original creator of the project, @PAFinn, I modified the project to something akin to […]

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Code Club: lesson three
Code Club

If I counted correctly, twelve students attended today, but I think we may have lost one from an earlier session. We began promptly, everyone resumed their projects from last week, and the good news is that we finally completed project one. The main issue for a few students continues to be a reluctance to actually […]

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A letter to parents regarding Scratch

Because a number of students at Code Club asked if they could download Scratch at home, I thought it might be a good idea to send them home with a letter for their parents to explain what it is that their child wants to download. From what I can see, neither Code Club or the […]

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