Here are some materials that I put together for a careers evening at a local secondary school. Perhaps it might be useful for others.

I ran the slides and videos on two laptops on the stall. The slides give a rough idea of the types of roles in technology, and education paths. The video highlighted inspiring and fun projects in the technology space.

I also brought an Alexa device that had a skill enabled that would suggest a job based on a series of questions it would ask the user, and a VR headset to add a little bit of extra fun to the proceedings.

Here’s the presentation (which was looped):

And here’s the video, which was also looped (and muted, because I didn’t want the music playing in the hall):

And finally, here is the info sheet (2 sides) that I gave out to interested students – I also had a QR code on display linked to a download of the info sheet if they preferred.

IT Careers Advice (PDF)

Embedded for preview:

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