Christmas is over, and so the chocolates, bread and cheese now have calories again.

Weighing in I find myself at 107.2kg. Now I know how footballers feel when they return for pre-season training following a summer relaxing. Still, it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. That’s about 3.1kg more than I ended the season and a little less than what I was as the halfway stage last season. So the first aim is to get back to last season’s end weight as quickly as possible. I think I’m ready to step up the exercise regime now, so will finally be going to the gym I signed up for last September to do a combination of cardio for fitness, and strength training focusing on the legs, to build on the work I’m doing with the physio to help strengthen my legs to take the strain off my knee and ankles.

My team has made some good signings during pre-season, with a new goalkeeper and a great outfield player joining us. If we can keep this team together I think we’ll definitely improve on last season’s results.

Goals and targets

On the pitch:

  • Score a goal
  • Start tracking my pitch movement, aim to end the season fitter and faster than I start it.

Weight targets – Current Weight – 107.2kg (BMI of 37)

  • 5% goal for this season – 101.84kg
  • 16st – 101.60kg
  • 10% goal for this season – 96.48kg
  • 15st – 95.25kg

Future milestones

  • 14st – 88.90kg
  • No longer obese on the BMI scale – 86kg
  • 13st – 82.56kg
  • BMI of 27 (the healthiest weight according to stats) – 78kg
  • 12st – 76.20kg
  • Healthy weight according to BMI – 72.2kg

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