My first season with Man v Fat has now ended, did I achieve my goals?

5% and 10% weight loss targets hit!

However, the 16st / 101.60kg end of season personal weight target and on pitch aim to score a goal by the end of the season didn’t happen. With injuries and then opting to go in goal for the latter part of the season when our Goalie left meant little chance to do anything on the pitch and limited my plans to up my exercise regime.

Final weight at the end of the season: 104.1kg (BMI of 36)

As for the team’s season performance, we lost so many players through the season that by the end of it we were struggling to field 6, let alone have any subs. I hope we are able to keep the team together next season and recruit a new goalie, which should also result in better scores on and off the pitch. After the final week’s match, we celebrated the end of the season and gave out a couple of individual trophies to team members, one for the individual who lost the highest percentage of body weight, and a second trophy for the player of the season as voted by the rest of the team. I should have realised that being the only ELO member in the league’s individual top 10 weight loss chart meant I was going to receive the weight loss trophy, but what came as a surprise was also being voted player of the season, for stepping in as a replacement goalie.

All in all, not a bad start to Man v Fat. I look forward to Season 10, but first I have to get through Christmas without putting on too much weight…


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