I realised in my last post that I’d made it to the halfway stage of the Man v Fat season so I thought I’d look at what I’d achieved, and what goals I can set myself for the end of the season.

I’ve lost 8.6kg in total. That’s 8 and a half bags of sugar for comparison.  When I think of it in those terms I’m amazed by the weight of it.  To think I’ve been carrying that around with me.

But then I also realise that I have to lose that amount again, and then some, before I’m down to a healthy weight.  In fact, the first time I ever started monitoring my weight on MyFitnessPal, when I was cycling to work regularly about 7 years ago, I was weighing in at 89kg, which was still overweight.   So I’m thinking of it in terms of how many bags of sugar I’m carrying around with me, and how my load will get lighter if I keep putting the effort in.

As for season goals, Man v Fat usually gives bonus points for 5% weight loss and 10% weight loss.  I’m on course to get to 10% in the next few weeks, but I’m aiming to do a little more than that. Plus I had on-pitch goals, like score a goal by the end of the season, but they are more dependent on my legs and ankles holding up than my weight. Frustrating to be having some set-backs in that regard, but I hope I’ll be able to recover and resume better movement soon enough.

I thought I’d breakdown some seasonal and overall milestones for my own benefit. my 5% and 10% goals season goals will be added as additional milestones each season, as it is based on my starting weight at the beginning of each season. I’m expecting at least 3 seasons of Man v Fat to get below 13st, if my legs hold up.

Current Weight – 107.7kg
10% goal for this season – 104.4kg
16st – 101.60kg
15st – 95.25kg
14st – 88.90kg
No longer obese on the BMI scale – 86kg
13st – 82.56kg
BMI of 27 (the healthiest weight according to stats) – 78kg
12st – 76.20kg
Healthy weight according to BMI – 72.2kg




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