I’ve definitely tweaked the calf muscle again last night, which has set my recovery back a little bit.  Not as bad as last week, but still noticeable when I walk, and running is out of the question.

This week has been a mixture of cheerios and semi-skimmed milk for a few days, then moving on to special K with soya milk.

Lunches have been a bit more varied.  I’ve been trying a halloumi protein box from Pure recently, just to break up the usual Pret protein boxes.  I’m snacking on roasted peas from Boots, and will sometimes have a Pret bar as well if I’m feeling extra peckish.  I also treat myself to a Saturday afternoon sausage ciabatta.

Dinner has been the usual roast chicken Sunday dinner, and a spaghetti bolognese.  But due to getting home late one evening, we end up having an extra takeaway, resulting in a 3-day sequence of shame: chicken shish with rice and salad, pizza and chicken wings, and chinese.

I’m not feeling too confident at all.

Weigh-in: 107kg (lost 0.4kg), BMI: 37.02

I am a little surprised I’ve lost anything, but I’ll take it.

I carry on in goal for our match.  We’re not getting much on the weight bonuses at the moment, so we need a good result on the pitch. Thankfully it’s all clicking and we do the business, winning 5-0.  They beat us on the weight bonuses, 9 points to 7, but we’ve done enough for it not to matter.

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And there’s video footage!

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