Following the match, I meet up with some friends at a pub and have a couple of alcohol-free Heineken 0.0 beers.  I’ve not touched alcohol since late August, and they’re lower calory than ordinary beer, so it’s a nice guilt-free way to spend time in a pub.

I’ve come through the match unscathed, and I don’t feel like I’ve made the calf strain any worse, which is good news, but still not ready to push it further yet. It’s still noticeable when I walk to work and running is definitely out still, so it’s going to be another week of resting.

This week has been mostly 2 x Weetabix and a cup of tea for breakfast, semi-skimmed milk in each.

I’ve also been drinking a fair bit of coffee this week, but with sweeteners and semi-skimmed milk.

Lunches have been various protein boxes from Pret and a side soup.  I’m snacking on roasted peas from Boots, and will sometimes have a Pret bar as well if I’m feeling extra peckish.

Dinners have been the usual mix of fish, rice and boiled egg, steak and low-fat chips with peas, chicken and salad wraps, mince, onion and peppers stuffed in tortilla boats, roast chicken for Sunday dinner, with the usual bit of cheesecake for dessert.

One big difference is skipping a takeaway this week, and we also skip the usual weekly pizza and chicken wings night,  meaning a few extra healthier dinners.  Saturday is still a bit of a treat with a nice madras curry from slimming world, though.

I reckon I’ve done enough healthy eating to lose a small amount.

Weigh-in: 104.90kg (lost 2.1kg), BMI: 36.30

I’m amazed at how much I’ve lost this week. I can only imagine I’d carried some water weight going into the weigh-in, which I’ve now lost again before this one.

But this match day is going to be a challenge. Having lost a few players in previous weeks, we are also losing 2 players to holidays this week. Then on matchday, we also discover a team-mate has been told to stop exercising by his doctor while they investigate a medical condition.  So we go into the game with just six players. I continue in goal.  The opposition turns up with 8 players, so we know they’re going to benefit from the subs that we don’t have and extra tracking points.  We’re going to need to win big on the pitch if we’re to come away with the points.

We race into a 2-0 lead, but they peg us back to 2-2. We take the lead again, but once again they get an equaliser. I’m disappointed not to keep them out, I feel I could have done better if I was more mobile, but they did have a few opportunities where they had 3 on 2, which should have been dealt with better.  Sadly the weight bonuses make a big difference this week, we aren’t able to get maximum tracking points as not enough players turn up, and the other team earn a number of hattricks. They earn 12 extra points to our 4.

ELO – 7 – 15 E10 Less

No video footage this week. We also say goodbye to another player, who has decided to call it a day for this season and will be joining a new team for next season. That means our squad is down to just 7 fit players.  Even with our 2 injured players back, we still desperately need a new goalkeeper and an outfield player to join us.

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