After missing the Tuesday game, I’m still hobbling around with my sore calf. I’m trying to work out what kind of pressure, twisting, or stretching causes my calf muscle to hurt. I want to give it gentle stretches, but I can’t seem to work out what causes the pain.  But I do get twinges and tightness from time to time.  By Thursday I attempt to go to work and get there, albeit with more cramping/tensing/pain, but it’s manageable.  The rest of the weekend is more of the same, I can generally walk on it, and it feels like it’s getting a little better each day, but it’s not fully recovered yet.

Food is similar to last week, though I’m currently eating cheerios with semi-skimmed milk as we had no almond/soya milk or Weetabix in the house. Lunches are the standard Pret protein boxes while at the office, but the days I’m working from home requires some creativity. I end up making a lunch out of some leftover brown rice and make some fried eggs to go with it. I’m no Gordon Ramsey.

I miss the Monday 5-a-side game I’ve been attending in recent weeks, both physically and emotionally. I’m feeling quite down about the lack of activity in the last week and annoyed that I’ve not been able to get back to the gym since signing up or organise a session with the Personal Trainer due to this injury. It’s really frustrating at the moment, feeling pain in my ankles, my operated knee and now this calf strain. By coincidence, that same Monday I happen to have an appointment at the hospital to check how my knee is getting on since the op back in March.  I tell the consultant that I would like them to refer me to a physio, despite not thinking I’d need it when they asked last time.  Maybe they can help me with more than just the knee.

But I’m confident despite the lack of activity that I’m still going to lose some weight, compared to my last weigh-in two weeks ago.

Weigh-in: 107.40kg (Lost 1.2kg) – BMI: 37.16

I’m pleased to see I’m still losing weight. I’m only a few kg off losing 10% of my weight. I’m now just under 17st, which is another sort of milestone.

On Man v Fat match day I make the decision to take my gear with me, I feel like I might be able to offer my services in goal, especially if we’re low on numbers. If I can get through the match, that will mean more subs available.  Thankfully I get through it mostly, except for a bit of pain late on.

We’re now past the half-way stage of the season and so we face the team we played on matchday 1. We drew 1-1 on the pitch back then despite having lots of chances to win, but we won it on the weights in the end. We’re hoping this time will be different.

We also have a new player, Bileh, who looks like a great addition to the team. We run out 4-1 winners on the pitch, with Bileh introducing himself with a cracking goal after some nice footwork to make space for himself. I really wish this match had been recorded.  I’m disappointed not to keep a clean sheet, perhaps I could have got down quicker, but the scorer did have a lot of time to set himself, unfortunately.  We’re also doing well on the weights, with the whole team losing weight this week.  It adds up to a decent victory.

Un-Athletico Orient 7 – 13 ELO

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