After the Sunday trial at a gym near my own house, I plan to have a look at a few more before deciding, and eventually get to one near my work-place on Thursday.  I figure that being so close to work means I could do a quick session on the way home, or even fit in one pre-work or during lunch.  The one I look at isn’t bad, even has a swimming pool, which may come in handy.  Although the equipment doesn’t seem as modern as the one near my own house. Call me a sucker but I opt for pretty much the full membership. Apparently I’ll have access to other branches of this gym franchise, which may come in handy, especially if I fancy a weekend session as there may be ones nearer my own house. Also, I opt for the starter pack which a) Gives me two sessions with a personal trainer, and b) will refund me the cost of the starter pack if I attend 24 times in 12 weeks. Sounds achievable.

Food-wise, I’m doing okay.  Eating healthy breakfasts (mostly Weetabix with almond or soya milk) and lunches (mostly Pret protein boxes with a side soup).  This gives me more flexibility in the evenings, so even when I have 3 days in a row of “bad” food, like pizza and chicken wings, a curry, and a roast dinner with a dessert, I’m still within my daily calorie limits and well within my weekly goals, that I should still be losing weight even if I am not active enough.

Sadly disaster strikes in the Monday indoor 5-a-side match, the day before the Man v Fat game. My left knee was already feeling a bit rubbish, but it seemed to get better as the game went on.  But then my right calf muscle does some sort of twinge/pop/cramp sensation and I’m on the floor, knowing something isn’t right.  I manage to walk off the pitch, and to the bus stop after the game, but it’s really feeling tight and achy.  I struggle to walk at all on Man v Fat Match Day, so I resign myself to missing the match and the weigh-in.

No Weigh-in this week!

With a number of players missing, through injuries, illnesses and work commitments, including our regular Goalkeeper who is no longer able to participate, we have to resort to borrowing 2 players from other teams to make up the numbers.  Not quite enough missing to have to forfeit the match, but borrowing 2 players incurs a 4 point penalty.  The other team also borrow a player, incurring a 2 point penalty.  On the pitch, it ends 2-1 to the other team, but with the penalty points, that ends in a 6-3 pitch result. They also beat us on the weights, with them taking 7 points to our 4. Could have been so different if more of our players had been able to make it.

E2N 13 – 7 ELO
The match is recorded though!

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