Following last week’s weight gain I’m determined to put it right. Because the football is back to back at the start of the week, I tend to feel a desire to get active towards the end of the week, so I’ve decided to do something about it and try a Gym.

Thursday isn’t the best of days food-wise.  For lunch, I end up having a sandwich and a packet of crisps. I also end up having a Chocolate Fondant after dinner. I also feel like the portion control needs a bit of work on the roasted chicken pieces I have for dinner.

Friday morning I finally try the vegan version of the bacon roll, which is far more nutritious, but still has bread, so meh. The evening is the usual chicken wings and pizza combo.

Saturday I have a scrambled egg, toast and spaghetti hoops brunch, and the evening is Fish and Chips.

Sunday I eat an Eat Natural bar, with Almonds and Apricots. Dinner comes with a piece of Lemon meringue pie, but I don’t feel too guilty about this as I take the boys to badminton and table tennis in the afternoon, get some DIY done, and have a trial at my local gym on Sunday evening. I spent 2 hours in there on the step machine, cycling, cross-fit and even tried a bit of fast walking and light jogging. I’m keen to use it to help strengthen my knee as I still don’t feel confident with it. I’m going to try a few others on my commute route before making a decision on which one I’d like to use regularly, but I definitely feel like it’s something I want to continue with.

Monday it’s the usual 5-a-side session.  Which basically means I’m still bunching up my activity, and now doing 3 days in a row of strenuous activity, rather than just two.  I need to space it out and have rest days in between to avoid overdoing it.  I’m hoping to fit in some gym work on Thursday or Friday in future, and perhaps even drop the Monday evening football if I can fit two gym sessions into each week.

All in all, despite some questionable food choices, I feel pretty confident I’ll be losing weight again this week thanks to Sunday activity.

Weigh-in: 108.60kg (lost 1.30kg), BMI: 37.5

I’ve lost the weight I gained last week and a little bit more on top. Sadly the result on the pitch isn’t great, losing 4-0. Although I wasn’t feeling great before the game, by the time kick-off came around I thought I was feeling fine. But I had a shocking game. Caught between players time and time again, unsure whether to press or intercept a pass.  When I got the ball my touch let me down.  When I got the ball under control my passes were poor, probably because I was trying harder to make things happen an get the ball forward. Then I capped it off by looking for a sub while the other team had a corner,  but someone else on my team had the same idea, meaning two of us went off at the same time, leaving a massive gap at the back, just as the other team were about to take their corner. Schoolboy error. Unfortunately, they also eclipse us off the pitch, with two 5% bonuses to our one, and two hattricks to our one. Basically even if we’d drawn 0-0 on the pitch we still would have lost, we’d have needed to win 5-0 to win overall.

ELO 10 – 18 Midnight Feast








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