This week isn’t a good one from a food point of view, starting immediately following last week’s defeat, I go home and eat sausage, beans and chips that evening.

I also indulge in a Chocolate Cupcake on Thursday.

Slimming world chips and burgers on Friday evening.

Chinese Beef in Black bean sauce, with plain boiled rice on Saturday evening, and then lots of skittles.

Raspberry Cheesecake with Sunday dinner.

And a pretty heavy Monday with an impromptu protein bar before football, and halloumi for dinner.

Then to make matters worse, on Tuesday morning I have a bacon roll. I’d actually wanted a far healthier vegan option, but they didn’t hear my order correctly, and I didn’t correct them. My fault.

Weigh-in: 109.90kg (gain 1.20kg), BMI: 38.03

I put back on what I’d lost last week, and a few of my team are also in a similar position, but we also have a few 5% earners, so we have hope it’s not completely over if we can keep the score tight.

Sadly it’s not to be, up against a skilful team, we lose 4-2 on the pitch, and the weight loss between the two teams is even, leaving us still 2 goals short, despite getting a decent 15 points ourselves.  On most days that’ll win you the match.

Green Army 17 – 15 ELO


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