Wednesday starts with sausage, egg, chips and beans for dinner. Low-fat options mostly.

The rest of the week is pretty healthy as I’m well into healthy options for breakfast and lunch, plus most of the weekday dinners are nice and balanced and well portioned. Except for the weekend, where I eat not one but TWO bags of crisps on both Saturday AND Sunday (I need healthier snacks readily available) and even have a decent sized Chicken Madras and Vegetable Biryani, courtesy of slimming world on Saturday evening.  Plus a non-alcoholic beer.  And a Lemon Meringue Pie with Sunday dinner. But all of that is offset by another 12 miles of cycling in addition to the football sessions and walking to and from work.

And then on Monday, before match day, it’s the regular pizza and chicken feast.

But somehow it’s all okay:

Weigh-in: 108.70kg (lost 1.20kg), BMI: 37.61

Four weeks of weight loss so far, have dropped more than 7kg.

Unfortunately, results on the pitch aren’t quite as good. This time I’m glad there’s no footage.  On what was a very wet Tuesday, we work hard, but go down to a couple of unlucky goals and lose 3-1.  Off the pitch, it’s not much better with Blackjacks beating us on the weights as well. I think this was largely due to some of our players missing the weigh-in (and the match, meaning fewer subs).

Final score: ELO 8 – 13 Blackjacks




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