I’m going to document my weight loss journey each week.

Starting weight: 116kg, BMI of 40.1

Turned up to register for Man v Fat on the Tuesday 3rd September, and met some of my fellow league players, including some on my own team. Weighed in at 116kg, officially, then took part in an unofficial match between those who fancied a session. Given it was the first time I’d played for more than a year, and the first time since my meniscus tear, it was a struggle. Twice I managed to fall over when trying to run with the ball, my feet and legs aren’t used to anything more than walking pace right now.

I then had another 5-a-side session the very next day, trying to get rid of as much rustiness as possible before the official matches begin next week. And obviously burning a few more calories.


I’ve had to pop to the shops to get some Almond and Soya milk an alternative to the semi-skimmed milk I would normally use in cereal, tea or coffee. Breakfast is still things like Cheerios, Shreddies, Multigrain hoops, that kind of thing.


I’ve also ditched sandwiches and crisps and the regular trips to the nearby Japanese takeaway for Chicken Katsu Curries. Instead, I’ve got a taste for the Salmon Protein box from Pret-a-manger, and a Chicken, Broccoli & Brown Rice side soup. I think this is going to be a regular option.

Daytime snacking

I’m also snacking on fruit and nuts, rather than the chocolate that I’d normally gravitate towards in the office kitchen.


At home, I’m now eating low-fat and slimming world options even when I’m eating things that wouldn’t normally be considered healthy, like burgers and chips.¬†Weekends also have the likelihood of a desert with the Sunday dinner, and a takeaway or frozen pizza/chicken wings, but even this is okay in moderation when combined with a better, healthier diet the rest of the week (Salmon, brown rice, broccoli, more veg with dinner, smaller portions of meat, etc) and more exercise. It also tends to be easier to skip breakfast or lunch at the weekends, so I’ll save some calories there, which gives me a bit more wiggle room to indulge in something a bit higher in calories.¬† Cheat weekends, sort of.


Before this diet started I was already trying out alcohol-free beers over the summer, and have found a few I enjoy, so while I’m not going to go overboard and drink loads (they’re still about 70 calories per bottle) I’ll allow myself to have one with dinner on a Saturday evening, or one or two down the pub on a Friday evening. This week was a Heineken 0.0 with a Chinese takeaway (plain boiled rice and chicken and mushroom)

Other observations

The other thing is I’m drinking more water now and have the confidence in my knee to walk to and from the station at a fast pace. Every little helps.

One thing I’m noticing is that I’m not craving the coffee, carbonated soft drinks and chocolate as much as I thought I would. It’s probably the water that’s helping there.


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