I’m still doing football sessions twice a week, but have also managed to get out and cycle this week. A leisurely 14 mile trip with my eldest son, not a hugely strenuous given he wouldn’t be able to keep up, but I did try to do short bursts of higher intensity cycling along the way and then wait for him to catch up.

Again, Saturday evening Chicken and Pizza isn’t a huge deal given the extra exercise I’ve been able to fit in.

Weigh-in: 109.90kg (lost 1.40kg), BMI: 38.03

This is the third week of losing weight, so I get bonus points for the “hattrick”, plus I’ve also lost 5% of my weight, so I get another bonus for that.

On the pitch, things finally clicked, sadly there’s no match footage on Youtube this time, but we win the match 5-1 on the pitch, and team weight loss bonuses add to it:

Final result:  E10 Less – 25 ELO

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