This week I really indulged.  999 calories consumed on Saturday evening, half a hot dog stuffed pizza, chicken wings, and an alcohol-free beer. And Sunday there was a piece of fudge cake.  But the extra 5-a-side session the day after our last match has probably helped burn some calories, although my legs were suffering on Thursday, I could barely move. On the Saturday I took the boys to badminton and table tennis to burn a little more energy. Overall I think I’m still doing enough to burn calories and still enjoy those less healthy things.

Weigh-in: 111.30kg (lost 1.80kg), BMI: 38.51

That’s two weeks in a row, if I lose weight again next week I get some extra bonus points for the team for scoring a “hattrick”.

On the pitch, again I feel we’re unlucky not to be scoring, and go down to a solitary goal, but the team weight loss turns the result around:

ELO – Real Madras (LO)

The match is below, I already feel like I’m getting a bit less rusty.



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