Part One – An Introduction

Something I became interested in a few years back was Genealogy: finding out more about my family history. I guess I was spurred on by a number of things in my life so far, namely, the death of my father and other family members, the birth of my first (and second) son, and the stories that had been passed down about various family members, but were so vague that I became keen to learn the truth. There were adoptions, disowned black sheeps, Italian connections, clandestine night time disappearances, and a claimed relationship to a famous Irish playwright. I was keen to find out more about my family history so that if my sons ever asked me about my family, I had the answers.

So, where did I begin? There are other articles and sites on the web dedicated to genealogy that already cover much of this, so I won’t try to repeat them, so what this series of posts will be is likely to be examples describing how I discovered more about my family and uncovered most of the answers I was looking for, and some tips along the way.

At some point I’m going to publish my tree on this site so that it can be browsed publicly, minus any living persons.

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  • Ant

    Hi Andrew, can you please give some info about the best way to get started on genealogy/family trees? It seems quite costly just to get basic information.


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