A quick post about something dear to my heart, saving and making money! 🙂

I registered this domain via 1&1 Internet.  I think the main reason I’d done this was because it was cheap, but also because I could earn a small amount of cashback through Quidco, which made it even more value for money.

1&1 Internet also provide a range of hosting services to suit most needs, and judging by the reviews and recommendations for them, the service and support is highly rated by their customers.

So if you’re looking for cheap web hosting, or just looking to register a domain name, visit 1&1 Internet.

I briefly referred to Quidco above, but for those that don’t know what it does, it’s a cashback website. You sign up for a free account, and then keep an eye on any referral offers they list. Some will be cashback offers, a percentage of the money you spend, or a fixed amount for signing up for something, for example LoveFilm, or Credit report agencies, or Bingo, or switching energy or broadband suppliers, etc. Some are simply discounts on the thing you are buying, perhaps in an electronics store, and some deals are so weighted in your favour that it’s essentially free money. Take for example, the money offered for a Lovefilm description, simply for taking a month’s trial with them. If you cancel at the end of that trial you still get the cashback, and nothing has come out of your pocket.

But the real point of this is, if you are planning to purchase or sign up for something, check Quidco first to see if they have an offer that makes it even more worthwhile. This is obviously not a free service as such: Each year Quidco take a small fee out of any savings/cashback you earn through their referrals, then the rest is yours. If you don’t actually earn any cashback there’s nothing for them to take. It’s a no lose scenario, really, so check out Quidco.

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