Well, this website for a start. I finally moved away from my original hosted wordpress site, in what is my latest attempt to own and maintain my own website for my professional portfolio/presence.

After all, as a web developer, you’d expect me to at least have a permanent home on the web, wouldn’t you?

I think my last attempt was about 4 years ago, but can’t for the life of me remember what domain that would have been. Before that, you can find evidence of me 7 years ago via this wayback machine capture of www.andrewjohns.me.uk.

In that time I’ve moved jobs 3 times, been present at the birth of my two wonderful sons, learnt a few new things, and made a small dent on the internet with music, video and writing contributions.

This year, I plan to finally try and make use of my experience and skills to make this year a productive one. Even if my blog no doubt fills up with random observations, cool and interesting “things” I discover throughout the year, rest assured, I’m probably busy behind the scenes trying to achieve global domination.

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